Client Results

See the amazing results from a selection of my clients

Bikini competition prep client

Emily has worked with me since 2018 and continues to build her physique and her collection of trophies!! Together we have won Emily 2 federation pro cards and multiple wins across a variety of federations including PCA, Pure Elite, WABBA and NFMUK.

30 day shred DIET ONLY

This client worked with me during corona virus lockdown on a 30 day diet only plan. In that time she lost 15lb (7kg) and 7 inches (18cm) from her waist and 7 inches (18cm) from her hips!!

Muscle gain

This client worked with me for 4 months to improve her physique ready to compete on stage. In that time we worked on adding in good calories and training with high intensity focusing on weak areas which is this case was glutes. We have now added some quality muscle and given her a beautiful bum!

Weight loss client

Sarah has worked with me for over 18 months following bespoke diet plans that I have written for her alongside 1-2-1 personal training sessions that she has been doing with me 3 times a week at Powerzone Gym. In this time she has lost a staggering 4 stone in weight, gained confidence and now loves training. Not just a physical transformation but a total life transformation.

Online weight loss client

Helen worked with me by following an online training and bespoke diet plan. In 8 weeks she lost 15lb in weight, 4 inches off her waist and 4 inches of her hips.

Online and 1-2-1 session client

Julia has worked with me following online training and nutrition plans. She also trains with me twice a week at Powerzone Gym. In this time she has lost 19lb and 6 inches from her waist and 6.5 inches from her hips... but we are not finished yet....

Weight loss client

Helen started working with me to lose weight. In the time we have worked together Helen has not only lost weight but has gained in confidence both in and out of the gym. In 2020 Helen will make her stage debut as she is now part of my competition prep team.

Weight loss

A selection of some of the clients I have helped to shift excess weight. These clients are a mixture of online and face to face clients


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